Take Your Softball Recruiting to the Next Level
Streamline your recruiting experience at softball events with EventBeacon and SportsRecruits. Find and discover every student-athlete attending an event right from the sidelines.
2024 Softball Events Powered by EventBeacon
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All Event Data, Up-To-Date, In One Place
When using EventBeacon at your next event, you’ll have access to all gameday and student-athlete information at your fingertips, making it easy to take notes and evaluate who's a good fit for your collegiate program.
Powered by SportsRecruits
SportsRecruits is the easily searchable recruiting database to powering EventBeacon. When not on the field, discover thousands of athlete profiles and videos, evaluating prospects from anywhere. Equip your coaching staff with the data and tools you need to identify the right fits. College Coaches have free access to SportsRecruits via your program-issued email address. Get started now ->
Power Up Your Onsite Recruiting With EventBeacon
View Rosters, Discover Potential Fits, and Build Your Watchlist
Find and discover student-athletes that fit your recruiting needs. Access every attending student-athlete profile to view video, athletic and academic information.
Keep your prospects organized with Watchlist tools to see who's interested in your program and categorize fits in one click.
Make Notes, Evaluations, and Export to Your CRM
Never lose your notes in paper margins again. Rate, take notes, and review saved evaluations for you and your staff to track recruits' performance across events.
Export your evaluations, along with athlete info, ratings and notes to upload to your CRM to share with your staff.
Game Schedule
See event game schedules, and assign games to your coaching staff to build a recruiting schedule for the day.
Offline Mode
Save events before game day to access schedules and evaluate athletes offline. Sync everything once you're back online.
Start Accessing National Alliance Fastpitch Events in EventBeacon
The Alliance Fastpitch has partnered with SportsRecruits to power all of their National Alliance events. Learn more below:
Learn more about the functionality of these tools and our partnership by tuning in to the webinar:
Further Reading
Read more about the details of the partnership:
SportsRecruits and the Alliance Fastpitch Partner to Expand Softball Recruiting Network
What’s the Difference Between “Favorited” and “Interested” Athletes?
SportsRecruits and EventBeacon allow you to create a list of "Favorite" athletes. When you "Favorite" an athlete your list syncs across both your SportsRecruits profile and EventBeacon account. Similarly, athletes can create a list of schools they are interested in on SportsRecruits, which also syncs with EventBeacon, identifying athletes who are “Interested” in your program. The EventBeacon app shows the number of your favorite and interested athletes playing in a specific event with heart and graduation cap icons, respectively.
Who can see my Notes & Evaluations?
To safeguard your interests as a recruiter, athletes you evaluate won't see your evaluations, notes, or favorites, only receiving a view notification. However, this information will be shared with other coaches on your staff within the app. This ensures continuity, allowing staff members to access previous notes and update evaluations accordingly.
Should I work in offline or online mode on EventBeacon?
It is up to you! If you anticipate having a very poor internet or data connection on site, we recommend downloading the event to your device beforehand. If you want to conserve your device's battery or data plan, offline mode is also helpful for that.

It is not necessary to work in offline mode. Working online ensures that your device is constantly refreshing the app with the most up to date information possible throughout the day should there be any changes.
Are SportsRecruits and EventBeacon free to use?
Both SportsRecruits and EventBeacon are free for college coaches to access. All you need to get started is your athletic department issued email address. There are no limits to the number of coaching staff that can access your program's account.